Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee:-

The disciplinary committee will look into the following functions under the guidance of the undersigned.

S.no Member's Name Designation
1 Ms. Jyoti Kohli Admin Officer
2 Ms. Sunita Sharma Sr. Wing Incharge
3 Ms. Deepa Kumari Sharma Primary Incharge

Dispersal Mr. Yogeshwar
Ms. Babita
Ms. Renu
Search Items Mr. Yogeshwar
Ms. Babita
Ms. Ruby Gahlot


  • To assest the students in conforming to school & regulations.
  • To help students develop self discipline.
  • To promote & encourage good behavior among the teachers & students.
  • To create an environment that is conductive to peaceful & harmonious co-existence of staff & students of different houses & grades

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